Job Opening – Animal Control Officer

The Sunset City

Job Opening – Animal Control Officer

December 4, 2018 Employment Town News 0


  • Enforce animal laws and regulations mandated by the State of Arizona and the Town of Huachuca City. To protect the human population from animals to the extent that health and safety require and to diligently prevent the inhumane and malicious treatment of any living animal. Issue citations/warnings for infractions of laws, testify in court.
  • Properly use tools of the profession: Fetch pole, animal nets, live traps, tranquilizer rifle/pistol/blow gun, .22 cal rifle, snake stick, Euthanasia drugs, communication radios, telephones.
  • Daily care of animals housed in the Huachuca City Animal Shelter: Clean kennels, feed/water, provide medical/1st aid, give prescribed medicines, give vaccines of adopted animals, use diagnostic snap tests, microchip adopted animals, supervise Arizona Department of Correction inmates.
  • Arrange veterinary visits for spay/neuter or medical reasons. Deliver and pick up animals for appointments. Arrange grooming for animals in need.
  • Respond to dispatched calls (including after regular business hours): animal bites, loose animals, general livestock/animal problem, vicious animals, injured animals, removal dead animals-domestic/wild and investigations. Write reports for calls. On call status every other week and as assigned.
  • Impound animals from Huachuca City, Ft. Huachuca and Cochise County. Use computer and program ShelterPro (for impound). Deal with public turning in animals, whether strays, owner-turn in, quarantines, court holds or adoptions.
  • Administrative duties, including use of City funds, filing, diligence in paperwork.
  • Must be able to lift 100 pounds
  • Open availability for weekend shifts and after hours call outs are a requirement.
  • Must be able to work nights and weekends.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job is part time with a maximum of 20 hours a week.

Apply at Huachuca City Police Department 500 Gonzales Blvd. Huachuca City, AZ 85616, in person.  Online PDF application available for printing at