Huachuca City is located on State Route 90 inSoutheastern Arizona. We are just minutes from the City of Sierra Vista and our neighbor the U.S. Army Base, Fort Huachuca. We are a small, vibrant rural town with the benefits of shopping and employment all around us! 

****** The Town of Huachuca City does not endorse or host any other websites, facebook pages, complaint forms, etc outside of this website. Any complaint forms from other sites do not go to Huachuca City Officials. These sites are held by individuals not associated with the Huachuca City Municipal Government. Any complaints for the Town of Huachuca City or the Huachuca City Police and Fire should be directed to Town Hall or the Police Department. ******

Elections Information:
Huachuca City Councilmembers Seats up for Election 2016:
David Perry
Walter Welsch
Christy Hirshberg
Anna Gonzales
Johann Wallace

Councilmembers Seats up for Election 2018:
Mayor Taylor
Donna Johnson
Anna Gonzales
Johann Wallace

Please be sure to check our Community Events page for all upcoming events!